Your State Insurance Department

Your state insurance department exists to serve you. State insurance departments can be a source of unbiased information and assistance to you.

State insurance departments regularly publish written information valuable to the home insurance consumer. They may have additional consumer guides that outline your specific rights and responsibilities under your state's insurance laws and regulations. They also may publish premium comparison reports for your use in shopping for insurance. If you do not understand your insurance policy, you can call your state insurance department and ask questions.

If you have a complaint against an insurer, it is always best to contact your insurance company first and attempt to settle the matter. Most insurance companies have policyholder service offices set up precisely to handle such questions. If you still are not satisfied, contact your state insurance department. State insurance departments have complaint specialists to help you with your problem. Although they cannot represent you legally against an insurance company or adjuster, they can make appropriate investigation into potential violations of insurance laws or regulations based upon your complaint.