Fraud Bureau

Mission Statement:

The Fraud Bureau protects the public from economic harm by investigating allegations of criminal insurance fraud. Responsibilities include receiving and reviewing reports of fraud, initiating inquiries and conducting investigations when the Department has reason to believe that insurance fraud may have been or is being committed. We actively seek criminal indictments, make arrests and assist in prosecutions to deter insurance fraud in Alabama.


  2017 2016
Total Investigations: 223 185
New Cases Received: 165 145
Investigations Closed: 168 145
          Closed by Arrest: 35 23
          Closed Administratively: 60 72
          Cases Closed for Lack of Information: 18 8
          Cases Closed/Inactive: 48 45
          Cases Expired Due to the Statue of Limitations: 5 9
          Cases Unfounded: 11 11
 Investigations Carried Over From 2016 to 2017: 40  
 Investigations Carried Over From 2017 to 2018: 58  

Name Position Contact
Scott Pilgreen State Fire Marshal 334-241-4166
Jim Finn Assistant Director
or 334-240-6526
Bart Lonergan  Fraud Investigator
Jimmy Collier  Fraud Investigator
Larry Coleman, Jr.  Fraud Investigator
Gary Cartee  Special Agent
Patrick Crockett  Fraud Investigator
Roderick Reed Special Agent
William Gordon  Fraud Investigator
Cristi Owen Forensic Fraud Examiner
Angie Shires Fraud Intake Analyst