Prelicensing Information


Individuals must complete a prelicensing course of study for the lines of authority desired before taking any examination. The prelicensing course must consist of 20 classroom hours per line of authority, or equivalent individual instruction, on the general principles of insurance for that line of authority. The lines of authority requiring a prelicensing course are as follows:

  • Property and Casualty Including – 40 hour course on Property & Casualty to include Workers Compensation and Crop
  • Property and Casualty Excluding - 20 hour course on Property & Casualty
  • Workers Compensation - 20 hour course on Workers Compensation
  • Crop - 20 hour course on Crop insurance
  • Life – 20 hour course on Life Insurance
  • Accident & Health or Sickness (Disability) – 20 hour hour course on Health Insurance
  • Combined Life / Accident & Health or Sickness (Disability) – 40 hour course on Life & Health Insurance
  • Property - 20 hour course on Property Insurance
  • Casualty - 20 hour course on Casualty Insurance
  • Combined Property & Casualty – 40 hour course on Property & Casualty Insurance
  • Personal Lines – 20 hour course on Personal Lines Insurance or 40 hour course on Property & Casualty Insurance
  • Bail Bonds – 20 hour course on Bail Bonds
  • Variable Life and Variable Annuity Products line of authority – exempt from both prelicensing course and examination; however, must already hold and maintain “Life” line of authority, must have already passed securities examinations “Series 6” or “Series 7” and “Series 63” or “Series 66 “ and must be licensed with a registered Broker Dealer in accordance with the rules of the Alabama Securities Commission. During the application process, an applicant will be required to provide the CRD number to verify the exams passed.
  • Title - 20 hour course on Title insurance

Prelicensing education courses are taken in a classroom setting or online during which a minimum of five hours must be dedicated to the discussion of Alabama Law. Instructors must be knowledgeable of the insurance industry and all aspects of the insurance law.

Once the prelicensing course is completed and a certificate is awarded, the insurance licensing examination can be taken within one year from the date of the certificate.

NOTE: Make sure you have your Certificate of Completion in hand before registering for state exam.