Dental Service Representative Requirements

An individual appointed to represent a dental service corporation that has been authorized by the Insurance Commissioner to solicit, negotiate, advertise and effectuate dental service contracts in this state.

Persons representing or aiding a dental services corporation in the solicitation of dental service contracts in this state are subject to laws and regulations applicable to insurance producers, and must have and maintain authority for Accident and Health or Sickness (Disability) insurance. They are exempt from the prelicensing course, written examination and fingerprinting requirements and the continuing education requirements.

  • Applicants must be in good standing and hold an active license in their resident state for the same lines of authority for which they are applying.

There are two different online licensing processes. Online thru NIPR and online thru SBS.

NIPR Mandatory Online Process is for those non-resident applicants who hold any type of resident license in their home state. Applicant must apply online. Click Here.

  • No examination is required.

All individual producers must renew their license online.**
Click HERE to renew your license.

Individual producers renew their license based on their month and year of birth. A notice will be sent by the DOI to all producers approximately 45 days prior to their month of birth. Producers born in odd-numbered years will renew for two years in the odd years. Producers born in even-numbered years will renew for two years in the even years.

Initial Fee - $80.00
Renewal Fee - $70.00
Late Fee - $50.00
Notice of Appointment Fee - $40.00
Appointment Renewal Fee - $25.00

**NIPR may charge additional transaction fees (for online processes only).